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About Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang, sitting at the intersaction of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yangtze River, is an important port, industrial, commercial and tourism city in the Yangtze River Delta Region. It has won many national honorary titles such as Civilization City, Eco City, and Tourism City. The total area of Zhenjiang is 3,840 square kilometers, and the number of permanent residents reaches 3.17 million. Zhenjiang is consisted of three county-level cities – Danyang, Jurong, and Yangzhong, three districts – Dantu, Jingkou, and Runzhou, and two development zones – Zhenjiang New Area and Zhenjiang Hi-tech Zone.

A pretty city with local characteristics
Zhenjiang has been called an “Urban Forest” since ancient times. There are 235 hills and 63 rivers in the city. 68.8% of the surface water meets high quality standards (Level III), and in the city proper, 42.3% of the land is under forest coverage. Zhenjiang is a national pioneering and demonstration city for ecological civilization, national low carbon pilot city and the only city in Jiangsu Province to conduct reforms for ecological development.

An ancient city with rich culture
With a recorded history of over 3000 years, Zhenjiang is the cradle of the Wu Culture in ancient China. The city is home to many famous folktales and stories, such as Romance at Ganlu Temple, and Madam White Snake Flooding Jinshan Temple. China’s earliest existing anthologies of poetry and literature Wen Xuan, the first systematic work of literary criticism The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons, and many other literary masterpieces were written in Zhenjiang. The city is home to 6 higher education institutions and over 20 technical and vocational schools, with over 100,000 students enrolled. In the ranking of Innovation City in China, Zhenjiang ranks the nineteenth.

A city with convenient transportation and rich resources
Zhenjiang is situated between Shanghai Economic Circle and Nanjing Metropolitan Circle. There are five railway lines and five highways traversing the city. It takes one hour from Zhenjiang to Shanghai and four hours to Beijing by train. Zhenjiang has the longest deepwater shoreline along the Yangtze River in the Province, and the throughput of Zhenjiang Port is 150 million tons.

A harmonious city with developed economy 
It’s among the province’s top 5 cities in terms of major per capita economic indexes. All the three county-level cities are Top 100 Counties in China. High-end equipment manufacturing and new materials are two industries with output value exceeding 100 billion Yuan individually. Zhenjiang has one national economic and technological development zone, one national-level hi-tech industrial development zone, one national-level comprehensive bonded zone, six provincial-level economic development zones, and eighty industrial parks.

The year 2018 witnesses the local GDP reached 405 billion Yuan, up by 3% over the previous year. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Zhenjiang, sticking to the principles of the Four Comprehensives and new development concepts suitable for local conditions, will continue to deepen supply-side reform and give priority to environmental protection, so as to deliver steady economic growth while maintaing the characteristics of the city. In the five years, Zhenjiang will spare no efforts to become China’s high-end equipment manufacturing base, new material industrial base, regional logistics base, technology R&D base,  and destination for recreational and leisure activities. As a modern garden city and famous tourism city, the city government is determined to implement the 13th Five Year Plan and make Zhenjiang a moderately prosperous city as soon as possible.