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Topics: Specific topics include, but are not limited to
Nanomanipulation and nanoassembly
Nanomaterials and nanocharacterization
Nanohandling robots and systems
Nanopositioning systems
Nanohandling systems in SEM
AFM-based nanohandling
Nanofabrication processes and systems
Control issues in nanohandling
Process automation on the nanoscale
Micro-to-nano-scale bridging
Modeling of nanoscale effects
Self-assembly on the nanoscale  
Optical nanometrology
Nanometrology for MEMS/NEMS
Precision lasers for nanometrology
Quantum dots, graphene
Nanowires, nanotubes, nanohelices
Nanoelectronics and nanomagnetics
Nanophotonics and photonic crystals
Nanomechanics and nanomechatronics
NEMS applications
Bio-Nano devices and applications

Special Sessions: Proposals for special sessions (5-6 papers) with the session title, the chair name, and  a list of proposed papers with paper titles, author names and affiliations must be emailed to 3M-NANO Secretariat and to the Special Sessions Chairs by 15 April 2012. Every paper of a proposed session has to be submitted in a regular way by 15 April 2012 through 3M-NANO on-line submission system, where the author has an option to indicate the allocation of the paper to a particular special session. Every paper will follow a standard peer review procedure organized by 3M-NANO 2012.


3M-NANO 2012 Special Session Chairs:

Prof. Lixin Dong, Email: ldong@egr.msu.edu

Prof. Stéphane Regnier, Email: stephane.regnier@upmc.fr

Prof. Qing Zhang, Email: EQZHANG@ntu.edu.sg

3M-NANO 2012 Secretariat: