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3M-NANO 2024 Secretariat:


Phone: +86 431 85582926
Mobile: +86 17649996408
           +86 18844169762
Fax: +86 431 85582925
  IEEE 3M-NANO Society  
Honorary President: Bill Milne
President: Professor Huadong Yu 
Executive President: Professor Sergej Fatikow
Vice-President/Executive Secretary: Professor Zuobin Wang
Vice-President/Treasurer: Professor Li Zhang
Fellows:  Professor Lionel Buchaillot
                 Professor Chih-Ming Ho
                 Professor Bill Milne
                 Professor Brad Nelson
                 Professor Din-Ping Tsai
                 Professor Ning Xi
Executive Board:        Fumihito Arai
                                     Lixin Dong
                                     Tawfique Hasan
                                     Qiang Huang
                                     Linmao Qian
                                     Wen-Pin Shih
                                     Santiago Solares
                                     Hong-Bo Sun
                                     Huiquan Wang
                                     Xianmin Zhang
                                     Quan Zhou
                                     Rong Zhu
                 (The list of Fellows is based on the alphabetical order of family names)
Secretariat: Miss Yingying Song   
                     Miss Dongxu Wang               
Email: 3M-NANO@cust.edu.cn ieee3mnano@163.com 
Phone: +86 431 85582926
Mobile: +86 17649996408
Fax: +86 431 85582925