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3M-NANO 2024 Secretariat:


Phone: +86 431 85582926
Mobile: +86 17649996408
           +86 18844169762
Fax: +86 431 85582925
  Registration Information  
    • Payment of IEEE 3M-NANO 2024 registration fee is required from every conference participant, including all Chairs, members of the Conference committees, Keynote Speakers, Special Session Speakers, and others. 3M-NANO is a non-profit event, the total conference income is invested in best possible conditions for the conference participants (venue, transportation, meals, etc.). Only in this way we can have sustainable development of 3M-NANO conference.   
    • Early bird discount rate is available by 15 July 2024.
 Registration Fees
    •  Symposium registration fees
    •  Extra page fees
Symposium Registration Fees
The registration fee will cover the costs associated with the conference, such as conference facilities/services, U-Disk proceedings, conference banquets, conference materials, lunches and coffee/tea breaks. 

 Registration Fee




 Before  15 July 2023

CNY 3600 / USD 570

CNY 2700 / USD 430

 After 15 July 2023

 CNY 4050 / USD 640

 CNY 3150 / USD 500

 Other Fees




  Extra Page Charge 

CNY 1350 / USD 210

CNY 1350 / USD 210

Extra Paper Charge

CNY 2700 / USD 430

CNY 2700 / USD 430

Extra U-Disk proceedings

 CNY 90 / USD 15

    CNY 90 / USD 15       

Extra Page Fees for Regular Papers

  • Each accepted final paper must be accompanied with a paid registration and at least one author must commit to attending the conference and presenting the paper. Otherwise the paper will not be included into the final conference program and the proceedings, and it will not be submitted to IEEEXplore.
  • Each paid registration covers only one paper. A second paper from the same author can be published and presented at the conference if the author has paid the registration fee and the extra paper charge.
  • A student registration must be accompanied by a copy of the valid full-time student ID card. 
  • To be submitted to IEEEXplore, each full paper should have a minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 6 pages. However, a maximal of 2 more pages is acceptable if the charge for the extra page(s) is paid.



◆Modes of Payment

※ Please kindly make a note "IEEE 3M-NANO 2024" and the author's name with user ID  when paying registration fee and inform us by email 3M-NANO@cust.edu.cn after the payment.


 Please find the flow chart of registration payment as below


Payment in CNY (China Yuan¥) from inside the Mainland China

   Account name:中山华瑞微纳生物科技有限公司

          Account number:2011027609200164211

   Opening Bank:中国工商银行中山开发区科技支行

       It is possible for you to pay by scanning the QR Code with Alipay and WeChat account linked your credit card.

Payment outside Mainland China at the current equivalent in US dollars ($)/ Euros (€).

     BENEFICIARY'S NAME: Zhongshan Huarui Micro-Nano Biotechnology Co., Ltd
       BENE'S A/C NO.: 2011027629200181580

                                          DEVELOPMENT ZONE KE JI BRANCH
                               CITY GUANGDONG P.R.CHINA

Please be noticed that you must note your user ID and name when paying, or your payment will not be checked by the financial department.

After payment, a screenshot of your payment should send to 3M-NANO@cust.edu.cn with your user ID and name as well.


Please contact 3m-nano@cust.edu.cn to get invoice