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Chongqing, a fascinating city

       Only four Chinese cities are highlighted on the world map hanging in The United Nations General Assembly Hall. Chongqing is one of them.
  Chongqing, an open inland city, is built on mountains and embraced by the Yangtze River and Jialing River.
  Chongqing is situated in southwest China, the upper Yangtze River, with its city proper as a peninsula surrounded by rivers from three sides and boasting gorgeous mountains and rivers structuring together. A city landscape full of hills and water, skyscraping buildings and lush mountain forests constitute this world's only large forest city which is harmonious with nature and has unique influence.
  Chongqing can be the third largest city in the total population. Such two parts as the city center and the whole metropolitan region will be concerned for the total population calculation of Chongqing. And the population of the whole Chongqing metropolitan region is up to 32.57 million, following Tokyo and Mexico City only.
  Chongqing was called Jiang Prefecture in ancient times, and was established as Ba Prefecture in Han Dynasty. Ba Prefecture was renamed as Chu Prefecture during the Southern and Northern Dynasties and as Yu Prefecture in 581 A.D. by Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty, and since then, Chongqing has been known as Yu for short.In 1189, Emperor Guangzong of Song Dynasty ascended the throne after he was titled Prince Gong. Delighted by this "double happiness", he promoted Gong Prefecture to Chongqing Fu. That is how the city got its present name Chongqing more than 800 years ago.
  The charm of Chongqing lies in its culture and spirit, which are the city's "root and soul". Since ancient times, Bayu culture has given birth to incomparably glorious civilization. This is a city of heroes, its anti-Japanese war culture once lightening and influencing the world's direction and evolution. This is a city of memories, the song "Hymn for Red Plum-blossom", extremely popular in China and expressing the Hongyan revolutionary spirit witnessing the days of storms and fights. This is a city of emigration, the long-standing culture of the Three Gorges leaving behind eternal poems. With broad minds as an important part of the emigration culture, the whole world can feel Chongqing's wisdom, courage and insight.

       The charm of Chongqing lies in the city's tremendous changes bursting from its inner power. Chongqing is rising as the western financial center. The open inland upland reveals a strong fusion effect.
  As one of China's four municipalities directly under the Central Government,five national central cities and the national historic and cultural cities,as well as the economic center of the upper Yangtze River and the prominent economic growth pole in western China,Chongqing is the only city in China that owns two "bonded areas"---Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port and Xiyong Integrated Bonded Area. Chongqing today has started its comprehensive development, increasingly demonstrating its spectacular courage and passion.
  The charm of Chongqing lies in Chongqing people who keep forging ahead continuously and with strong sense of mission and responsibility. Great mountains and rivers have made the offspring in Bayu region brave and heroic. They are passionate people with deep feelings for and confidence in the city. They are industriously devoting sweat and wisdom to making the beautiful Chongqing the most livable city….Their dream about the city is where Chongqing's mighty confidence comes from: to make Chongqing a big harmonious family through wider opening up, bigger expanding, and greater prospering.
  The charm of Chongqing lies in the beauty of "Silence Rain in Ba Mountains". Chongqing enjoys a mild climate due to its situation in the sub-tropical monsoon climate region. Its average annual temperature is around 18℃ with its average lowest temperature between 6~8℃in winter and its highest temperature above 35℃ in June and July. It has mild winters, hot summers, long frost-free periods and ample rain with an annual rainfall between 1,000 and 1,450mm, with night rains as frequent visitors when spring turns into summer.
  The charm of Chongqing lies in the grand manner of the "mountain city". Here are a myriad of tall buildings, overpasses, river-crossing bridges and tunnels. All the city buildings are built along the hillsides. As a unique type of residential houses, the essence of stilt-houses can still be traced now at Ciqikou Ancient Town.
  The city is on the mountain, mountain in city. The city looks like a peninsula embraced by the Yangtze River and Jialing River, and at the same time stands erectly on mountains and wooded hills. Standing on Chaotianmen Wharf, you can see the confluence of Jialing and the Yangtze rivers. Binjiang Avenue is like a spectacular and beautiful silver lace around the "mountain city". Tall buildings are built on the hillsides, and inside the city are meandering roads. When night falls, the night view of Chongqing is just like heaven onto earth.The two rivers reflect the whole city's lights, the mountains of lights and rivers of lights become an integral part of the scene, and thus the city turns into a world of lights. Among the mountains and rivers are the city and its residents.

        As a historic city with 3,000-year Bayu culture,the city is so charming and graceful.
  As the youngest municipality of China,the city is bringing endless modern myths.
  As one of the world's largest inland city of mountains and rivers,the city is keeping creating miracles.
  As the economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River,a brand-new Chongqing is moving towards the world through constant development.
The youngest municipality of China, welcomes you to take a look at the culture of mountains and rivers, to taste the fine food,to see the beautiful scenery, to appreciate the pretty women, and to invest in this open inland upland.